How do I add still pictures to video?

Answer Scan PhotographsScan photographs into your computer in a digital format if you want them to be included in your film. Put the pictures in a labeled folder on your desktop for easy access during the... Read More »

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How to Make a Video CD of Still Pictures?

Video CDs have become a popular way to share your pictures during special occasions. With a little creativity, you can add color and titles to your videos. You can also edit the way the pictures mo... Read More »

How do you get still pictures from a digital video?

If you have the video displayed on a PC, you can pause it, hit your Prt Scr key, then open a Word doc and do Edit--> Paste and it'll show up there, or paste it into MS Paint and save the image that... Read More »

Which handy cam in sony, india is best for video and still pictures and rate?

Sony DCR 650E DVD Handycam is one of the best going around town...for more information on price range and store location visit

I restored the pictures but still theres no pictures!!please help it says "this folder is empty!"?

Free software called Recuva works well.'t add any new files to that computer otherwise you might over write the files you want back.