How do I add still pictures to video?

Answer Scan PhotographsScan photographs into your computer in a digital format if you want them to be included in your film. Put the pictures in a labeled folder on your desktop for easy access during the... Read More »

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Need a camera that takes video. And from that video take pictures. And takes pictures quickly.?

Get any new Blackberry or iphone and download the screenmuncher App

If I download a digital disc & a digital video will the video come out with pictures or just numbers Thanks?

It doesn't matter whether they're video, spreadsheet, music or whatever, all computer files contain data as a string of 0s and 1s. It's down to the software to convert those 0s and 1s into somethi... Read More »

How do i convert video to pictures?

Step One: Import VideoImport video from your camera to your computer, using the appropriate software. For Apple, you may use the native iMovie or a program such as Final Cut Pro. Windows has its ow... Read More »

How do i create a video with my pictures?

Download your pictures to your computer. Open Windows Movie Maker. Right-click "Import Media." Select all the photos that you wish to use for your video. Click and then drag your images into the sl... Read More »