How do I add recessed can lights in a two-story house that is finished?

Answer Recessed ceiling lights are generally easy to install without access to the ceiling from above because they do not require the placement of a junction box. Many recessed light fixtures come with at... Read More »

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How far apart should recessed lights be?

Recessed lights should be placed apart at a length equal to half the height of the ceiling, according to Pegasus Associates Lighting. For example, if you have a 12-foot ceiling, recessed lights sho... Read More »

How many recessed lights do I need per room?

On One Hand: Consider the Room and Light SizeWhen deciding how many recessed lights to use in a room for general lighting, consider the size of the room and the diameter of the lights. In general, ... Read More »

How Many Recessed Lights Should Be in a Room?

On One Hand: Ambient LightingIlluminating a general area, known as ambient lighting, is accomplished by placing the proper size of recessed down lights symmetrically spaced throughout a room for un... Read More »

How to Run Wire for Recessed Lights?

You can run wire from the recessed lights in your ceiling on one circuit as long as you do not exceed the total amount of lighting watts allowable for your circuit. For instance, a 15 amp single po... Read More »