How do I add music to Neopets?

Answer Save your music to the Internet by using a file sharing service such as Yousendit or Dropsend. A URL will be created once you save your music. The music file should be formatted a certain way, such... Read More »

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How to Put Music in Your Shop in NeoPets?

Neopets is a website that provides plenty of games and activities for those who visit. One very popular way to make neopoints is to open a shop. Every member of the game site can open up and custom... Read More »

How to Have Fun when You're Under 13 on Neopets?

So you're under thirteen and have a Neopets account. Worst part is, your mom or dad won't fill out the consent letter. How on Earth will you have fun? Find out.

How to Get a Job on Neopets?

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How do I get rid of my Neopets?

Log on to your Neopets account and select "Pet Central." A drop-down menu will open and click "Neopian Pound;" this will take you to the place where you can abandon your Neopet.Click on the "Abando... Read More »