How do I add movie clips to PowerPoint?

Answer Opening the PresentationOpen up the PowerPoint presentation in which you'd like to insert the movie clips. Go to the "Insert" tab; you'll find it on the top bar of the software between the "View" a... Read More »

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How to Embed Web Clips in PowerPoint?

Many online video websites include an option that lets you copy the video to other locations, such as your own website or Facebook profile. This process, known as embedding, also works with Microso... Read More »

How do I add sound clips to PowerPoint 2007?

Go to the "View" tab and select "Normal" in the "Presentation Views" group. Go to the slide in the PowerPoint presentation to which you want to add a sound clip. Go to the "Insert" tab. Click "Soun... Read More »

How do i add video clips to a powerpoint presentation?

Click on the "Insert" tab. Then click "Movie."Go to the directory where the user saved the video clip and double click the file. Click "OK."Click "Automatically" or "When Clicked" to choose when th... Read More »

How to Play Quicktime Movie Clips in MS Movie Maker?

QuickTime movies, also known as MOVs, are common video files for PC and Mac users. They are typically used with QuickTime Player, a program created by Apple. Users may want to convert MOV files to ... Read More »