How do I add fonts to Illustrator?

Answer Restart your computer and log on as an administrator. Click "Start" and then select "Control Panel". Click "Appearance and Personalization". Double-click on "Fonts". Right-click anywhere in the lis... Read More »

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How to Add Fonts to Illustrator?

Adobe Systems' Illustrator is a popular program used for creating graphics, logos, 3D images and typesetting. It is especially prized in graphic design firms because it is capable of building both ... Read More »

How do I add shadows to fonts in Adobe Illustrator CS3?

Create TextPress "T" on your keyboard to access the text tool. Click on the canvas and type.Change Text AttributesGo to "Window" > "Type" > "Character" and use the palette to change attributes of y... Read More »

How to Add Shadows to Fonts in Adobe Illustrator CS3?

Created by Adobe Systems, Illustrator is one of the world's leading graphic design applications. It lets users create, edit and save vector-based illustrations in a range of common file formats, in... Read More »

How to Change Mac Fonts to PC Fonts?

Newer Mac fonts from the OS X operating system (e.g., TrueType and Postscript Type 1) are compatible with Windows. However, you must convert Mac fonts from OS 9 or earlier (e.g., ac Type 1, Mac Tru... Read More »