How do I add custom buttons to the Internet Explorer toolbar?

Answer Open Internet ExplorerOpen Internet Explorer. Right-click on an empty space on the menu bar below the Favorites bar. Click "Customize" in the menu that appears. Click "Add or Remove Commands."Add C... Read More »

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Where is the toolbar in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer displays one or more toolbars near the top of the browser window, generally just under the address bar that displays the URL. The toolbar provides quick access to a variety of fea... Read More »

How do i add a toolbar to Internet Explorer?

View MenuClick "View" on Internet Explorer's menu bar. Click "Toolbars" out of the drop-down menu. Click to put a check mark next to the toolbars you want to appear at the top of the Internet Explo... Read More »

How do I add an Internet Explorer toolbar?

Through the Menu BarOpen Internet Explorer by double click on the icon on the desktop. Or, open Internet Explorer from your start menu. Go to and click "Tools" on the menu bar. Arrow down to and ho... Read More »

How do I fix the top toolbar on Internet Explorer?

Toolbars can make using the Internet faster and more convenient. Microsoft's web browser, Internet Explorer, has several toolbar options built-in to allow you to customize your Internet surfing exp... Read More »