How do I add copyright text to a CS3 image?

Answer Click the "Custom Shape" tool in Photoshop CS3 while you have an image open. Select the copyright symbol from the palette, and drag the symbol on to your image. Click "Horizontal Type" or "Vertical... Read More »

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How do I search a copyright image?

Search Through Copyright ListingsGo to the Public Copyright Catalog. (See Resources.) Select the category you want based on the copyright information you have. Use names, copyright numbers or keywo... Read More »

How do I add a copyright to a Lightroom image?

Add the Copyright to the MetadataOpen the Library module, and expand the Metadata panel. Select "Copyrighted" at the bottom of that panel, under Copyright Status. Fill in the name of the copyright ... Read More »

How Do I Copyright My Cartoon Image?

Original cartoon images are automatically copyrighted to their creators at the time they are created. However, registration is required to establish a public record of the copyright claim, which is... Read More »

How to contvert scanned image ( which is text ) to a text format .?

Use any OCR software like FineReader or TextBridge.Generally all scanners comes along with this type of software.Just use them.