How do I add concrete stain?

Answer PreparationRemove baseboards and trim that might be damaged by the stain. Clean the concrete floor thoroughly by sweeping, then mopping the floor. Vacuum any dust. Protect walls with tape and newsp... Read More »

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How long does it take concrete stain to stain concrete floor?

It takes two to three hours for concrete stain to fully penetrate into a concrete floor. Note that this is just one step in the process. It can take up to five days to complete a concrete floor sta... Read More »

What Is Better--Concrete Paint or Concrete Stain?

Concrete is a versatile and economical building material that can be used in a variety of different applications. Concrete is durable, functional, and versatile. One of the few negative features of... Read More »

How do you get an oil stain off of concrete?

Muratic acid........makes it like new.SandblasterBy the way, 99% of these people answering have NO CLUE what they're talking about...

How do I get a stain off concrete?

Use Kitty Litter or Saw DustSpread kitty litter or saw dust on the stain if the stain is fresh. Clean up the litter or saw dust after several days. Allow enough time for the stain to soak up by wha... Read More »