How do I add compost to soil in the backyard?

Answer Choose a compost product that has a fine-makeup for easy raking. Spread the compost around your backyard with a shovel or a rake. Rake the compost throughout your backyard into a thin layer that is... Read More »

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Bacteria in Soil Compost?

Eighty percent to 90 percent of the microorganisms in compost are bacteria. They provide much of the decomposition process and the earthy odor associated with finished compost. There are tens of th... Read More »

How do I compost clay soil?

Collecting MaterialsCollect equal amounts of high-carbon organic waste and high-nitrogen organic waste. Look for carbon-rich waste in the form of dry, brown materials, such as dead leaves, straw, s... Read More »

How to Compost Sandy Soil?

Sandy soil is a challenge to gardeners. Comprising large, loose particles, it bonds together poorly, is nutrient deficient, and has poor water retention. Adding compost to the soil alleviates the p... Read More »

How do I add compost to amend soil?

Preparing the SoilLoosen up the soil in your garden or yard using a shovel or rototiller. Choose a shovel if the yard is small, a rototiller if the yard is large. If the ground is hard packed, wate... Read More »