How do I add compost to soil in the backyard?

Answer Choose a compost product that has a fine-makeup for easy raking. Spread the compost around your backyard with a shovel or a rake. Rake the compost throughout your backyard into a thin layer that is... Read More »

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How do I amend soil with compost?

Dig down into soil at a depth of 6 inches to 1 foot. Turn the soil as you dig. Remove all debris, such as litter, weeds, twigs or stones. Break up all large dirt clods. Rake the garden evenly.Pile ... Read More »

Bacteria in Soil Compost?

Eighty percent to 90 percent of the microorganisms in compost are bacteria. They provide much of the decomposition process and the earthy odor associated with finished compost. There are tens of th... Read More »

How do I compost clay soil?

Collecting MaterialsCollect equal amounts of high-carbon organic waste and high-nitrogen organic waste. Look for carbon-rich waste in the form of dry, brown materials, such as dead leaves, straw, s... Read More »

How is soil formed from compost?

Answer Think of soil as a mixture of materials, some of them living (fungi and bacteria) and some of them non-living (minerals, water, dead plant/animal material). Although a geologist could give a... Read More »