How do I add an additional display to my laptop?

Answer You're right on there not being any video cards that fit in laptops. Laptops are built in such a way that they really just aren't very expandable. The company I work with, Sewell Direct, does sell ... Read More »

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How Do I Add an Additional Monitor to a Laptop?

Connect the MonitorTake a VGA cable and connect it to your laptop. Connect the other end to your monitor, and then configure your display settings. Right-click on the desktop, select "Personalize" ... Read More »

How to Install Additional Laptop RAM?

Laptop computers are often sold with the minimum amount of RAM to run the operating system and perform basic functions. If your laptop seems sluggish, adding more RAM may help. Playing games and ru... Read More »

How to Install Additional RAM in My Dell Laptop?

Upgrading RAM is one of the easiest ways to update an older or slower laptop. Increasing the amount of RAM available to the operating system means less use of the much-slower hard drive for tempor... Read More »

How to Connect an Additional Laptop to a Sprint Wireless Card?

Connecting an additional laptop to a Sprint mobile broadband wireless card lets you share a single mobile broadband connection between multiple devices. The Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) featur... Read More »