How do I add alt text to a Word document?

Answer Click on the picture or other object to which you want to add alternative text. Go to the "Format" menu in Word 2003 and click "Picture." Go to the "Format" tab in Word 2007 and click the dialog la... Read More »

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Is there any word detection software that can scan non-copyable text, and paste it in a word document?… free… not so freeAll OCR software, even the most expensive and well built, is hit and miss for accuracy of scan... Read More »

How to Get Text in a Word Document Using VBA?

Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language you can use to make shortcuts to save you time and keystrokes. For example, if you find yourself consistently typing the sa... Read More »

How do I add text to a formatted Word document?

Open the Word program. Click the "File" menu and "Open" to display the Open dialog. Navigate to the file that you want by double-clicking the folder it's in. To open your file and display it in the... Read More »

How to Recover Text From a Word Document?

The Microsoft Office suite of products gives you two options for text recovery. You can recover and repair text from damaged Microsoft Word documents. Or, you can use the Microsoft Office "Recover ... Read More »