How do I add algaecide?

Answer Backwash your pool and check the filter to make sure it is working correctly. Check the pH of your pool or spa and adjust it so that it is at the right level by adding chlorine or acid. Buy your al... Read More »

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How do I use algaecide?

Determining How Much to UseDetermine which type of algae your pool has, so you can get the correct algaecide. Copper-based algaecide treats yellow algae. Silver algaecide treats green and black. If... Read More »

How often do you put algaecide in a pool?

Algaecide will keep a pool from turning green from algae growth. You should put algaecide in a pool once a week to keep it clean. When putting algaecide in the pool, follow the package directions t... Read More »

Can I swim with silver algaecide?

Silver algaecide kills algae and certain types of bacteria in a pool. When used according to label directions, a pool treated with silver algaecide is safe to swim in. Silver algaecide should not b... Read More »

Can i use copper algaecide in salt water system pool?

Answer : in short yes copper is fine, but... I have copper-zinc mesh screens in all my collection baskets, i go to rummage sales to find 64' & before silver coins and single pieces of sterling silv... Read More »