How do I add additional phone jacks?

Answer Determining the LocationDetermine where you want to locate an additional phone jack. Consider where you need it, where you will run the wire and where the closest existing phone jack is to which yo... Read More »

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How to Connect Phone Jacks?

This article is written for people who do not have any technical experience in connecting their telephone or Internet cable. Although phone jacks may refer to headphone jacks, we will be focusing o... Read More »

Can you use phone jacks to access the Internet?

You can access the Internet with a phone jack by using a dial-up Internet service provider (ISP). The ISP provides you with a number to call that allows you to access the Internet. Unfortunately, d... Read More »

How to Connect Old Phone Wires to Jacks?

If you go looking for a phone jack in an older building, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. In the past, phones were wired directly to the lines at connecting blocks. Unless they've been u... Read More »

How to Install Phone Jacks & Telephone Wires?

Multi-line jacks and multi-colored wires make telephone wiring look complex, but the basic principle is very simple. Each telephone line needs two wires--a positive, traditionally called the tip, a... Read More »