How do I add accents to Spanish words?

Answer Character MapClick "Start" on the lower left corner of the desktop. Select "All Programs." Click "Accessories," then click "System Tools." Double-click "Character Map." Click to open the drop-down ... Read More »

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How to Type Spanish Accents Online?

Accent marks are a key feature of the written Spanish language, but it's not obvious how to type them on a standard keyboard. People typing online in Spanish need to know how to produce accent mark... Read More »

How to Do Spanish Accents on Microsoft Word?

Standard American keyboards don't have accent marks (such as é) and can't properly place tildes (such as ñ). If you're typing something in Spanish and you need these characters, this article can ... Read More »

How does one make (Spanish) accents using Windows vista?

You need to us what are called Alt Codes. To use them, you need an alt key and a right number pad. Hold down the alt key and press a combination of Alt+### and then release the alt key and the spec... Read More »

How many words are in the spanish dictionary?

As the Spanish language, like English, continues to add words every year, no single dictionary contains all of the language's vocabulary. However, the fourth edition of the Oxford Spanish Dictionar... Read More »