How do I add a wireless network card for an HP 3700F?

Answer Set-upTurn off the computer and unplug the AC power source from the rear of the desktop's tower. Disconnect the modem cable or any other chords connected to the computer.Remove Modem CardUnscrew an... Read More »

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Will a wireless n network card work with a wireless g router?

Wireless N devices are backwards compatible with G devices; therefore, a wireless N network card will work with a wireless G router. However, the transfer speed will be slowed to that of the wirele... Read More »

Does wireless N card work with wireless G network?

A wireless 802.11n card can work with a wireless 802.11g router, according to Consumer Reports. However, the wireless 802.11n card will only work at 802.11g-level speeds. Thus, you need a wireless ... Read More »

How do I Network a Wireless PC Card?

Many restaurants, coffee shops and malls offer free Wi-Fi to customers, so it's important to know how to connect to a wireless connection. But what if your laptop has no built-in wireless capabilit... Read More »

How to Unlock a Wireless Network Card?

If your computer has a wireless network card installed inside of it and that card is "locked," your operating system has disabled the use of the card. You may have done this accidentally or your op... Read More »