How do I add a trendline on an Excel spreadsheet?

Answer Open your Excel spreadsheet. Click on the data series for which you want to add a trendline.Go to the "Chart" menu in Excel 2003 and select "Add Trendline." In Excel 2007, go to the "Layout" tab an... Read More »

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How do i change the order of an excel trendline?

Select the chartSelect the chart, then go to the Layout tab. The trendline must be a polynomial trendline to change the order.Change trendlineClick on "Analysis," "Trendline," then "More Trendline ... Read More »

How to Change the Order of an Excel Trendline?

Users can create a basic polynomial trendline in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application which displays the trends of a data series you have created. A polynomial trendline is shown as a curved... Read More »

Can you get an exact reading off the x and y axis from a point on an added trendline in excel 2007?

The answer can be either Yes or No, depending on whether or not the "exact point" is coming from the source data cell. It the point is somewhere on the line between different source values, then "... Read More »

How to Convert an Excel Workbook to an Excel Spreadsheet?

When you save a spreadsheet in the 2007 version of Microsoft Office Excel, the Excel workbook is the default file format. This format is specifically designed to be used only by the Excel software.... Read More »