How do I add a sound card to a Dell Dimension 5100c?

Answer Shut down your computer and remove the power cable from the wall. Locate the release levers on top of the Dimension 5100c case. Pull the levers up to open the side panel to the case. Next, ground y... Read More »

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How do I Fix the Sound Not Working on a Dell XPS Dimension 410 PC?

Music, video and many Internet applications require that a computer's sound system operate correctly. If sound is not working on your Dell XPS Dimension 410 PC, there could be many possible causes.... Read More »

Does a Dell Dimension 8110 have an NIC card?

All Dell Dimension 8100 systems do not include network interface (NIC) cards. To see if your Dimension 8100 has a built-in NIC card, look on the back panel next to the USB ports. The port for a NIC... Read More »

Can I put a graphics card in my Dell Dimension 2400?

Yes, you can upgrade a Dell Dimension 2400's video card. You can upgrade any Windows computer parts. Find out which graphics card is going to be compatible with your computer first before purchasin... Read More »

Where is the Dell Dimension 4300s network card?

The Dell Dimension 4300s network card is found inside the computer cover in one of the rear right side card slots. There are four PCI card connectors that can accommodate a network card. Dell facto... Read More »