How do I add a song to an album in Windows Media Player?

Answer Find the SongClick on Windows Media Player's "Library" tab and locate the song you want to add to the album.Edit the Album InformationRight-click on the space under "Album" in the song's listing. ... Read More »

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How to Add an Album to Windows Media Player?

One of the perks of living in a computer age is the ability to catalog your music in an organized space. A program like Windows Media Player is space-saving in that it eliminates the clutter create... Read More »

How do I add album art to Windows Media Player?

Drag and DropStart Windows Media Player. Click "Library." Click "Album." Select the artist and album with that artwork that you want to change. Drag and drop the album art (the photo file itself) y... Read More »

How do I add album information in Windows Media Player 11?

Art from Online DatabaseStart Windows Media Player 11. Click the "Library" tab. Select the artist with that album artwork you want to change. Select the album title. Right-click the blank album art... Read More »

How do I add a band to an album list on Windows Media Player?

Adding Bands to the Album ListOpen Windows Media Player. Find the band you want to add to the album list. Right-click on the "Unknown Album" tag above the artist's name. Choose "Edit" from the dro... Read More »