How do I add a signature to emails sent?

Answer Log into your email account. Select "Account Settings," "Account Setup" or something similar from the main menu. Type your signature into the space labeled "Signature." Select "Save" to confirm you... Read More »

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On gmail, if you delete your sent messages, will the emails you sent be erased?

No because when you send a message its kind of like a copy. You have a version of it and they have one too.

How to Create a Signature Stamp for Emails?

A signature in your emails is a great way to save yourself time signing off on emails, provide email recipients with your contact and website information or add a favorite quote to each email. Sign... Read More »

Retrieve old sent emails?

Unless you kept them in your "sent folder", you can't - they're gone. The only way would be to ask the person you sent them to if they still have a copy.

How do I retrieve sent emails.?

On the left click inbox, then click the appropriate subcategory, Q&A's, messages, inmails etc. Then on the right click sent. Sheilah