How do I add a shortcut to the task bar?

Answer Enable Quick LaunchGo to your task bar. On an empty area, right-click. In the menu that appears, select "Toolbars" and then "Quick Launch."Locate Your Shortcut IconLocate the icon of the program, f... Read More »

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Change Task Manager shortcut?

Sorry but I don't think you can change although you can disable themNo I believe it is called the windows key, no other special name that i'm aware ofEDITI found this but I do not know if it is app... Read More »

How do I create a Windows XP task manager shortcut?

Right-click an empty spot on the Windows XP desktop to access a context menu. Select "New," then click "Shortcut." Type "taskmgr.exe" (without the quotation marks) into the first Create Shortcut wi... Read More »

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How to Take a Shortcut?

Taking shortcuts is often considered an awful idea. Everyone has seen the cartoons where a sign saying "Shortcut" often leads unaware travelers off a cliff. Most have also attempted to take a short... Read More »