How do I add a router to a DSL modem?

Answer Set-upTurn off and unplug the DSL modem. Disconnect any computer connected to the modem.Connect DSL ModemInsert one end of an ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the DSL modem and the other en... Read More »

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I am using a netflix 8 port router with comcast cable modem, can i add a wireless router to this system?

Its always best to call the company and ask before you invest in a router, but I can't think of any reason you couldn't.

Can I hook up a router to a modem?

A router is designed to work behind a modem. A router will not work by itself. If the router is from AT&T it will be a modem/router combo. This will not work behind a modem for Time Warner.

Can I use an old modem with a new router?

It should work fine assuming both devices function correctly. It's unlikely that your internet speed would be any faster with a new modem unless your current one is having problems. Wifi is almost ... Read More »

Internet Modem Vs. Router?

Upon subscribing to an Internet service, you are often provided with a modem. A modem is the basic tool you need to receive a wired Internet connection. Modems are used in all Internet connections ... Read More »