How do I add a query in Access?

Answer InstructionsCreating a query in Microsoft Office Access allows you to complete two types of tasks. You can create a "Select" query that gathers, collates and presents database information in a view... Read More »

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How to Run SQL Query in Access?

In Microsoft Access, you can add, delete, search or extract information using the Structured Query Language (SQL). There are three main types of SQL specific query namely "Union", "Pass-Through" ... Read More »

Why Use an Access Query?

Microsoft Access is used to build relational databases. Queries are used to ask questions of data that is stored in tables. These queries can pull data from one table or they can pull data from mu... Read More »

How to Access the Combo Box in a Query?

Knowing how to access a combo box and then use it in a query is useful when developing computer applications. For example, in Microsoft Access, a combo box can make it easier for the user to mani... Read More »

How to Query Data in Access?

Microsoft Access software is designed from the ground up to respond to queries to the content of its databases. It is fully Structured Query Language (SQL) compliant, and it handles queries from th... Read More »