How do I add a lamp to an end table?

Answer Clean the end table with a clean, dry, soft cloth, and place it hear an electrical outlet.Position the lamp in the center of the end table---this will prevent it from falling off and reduce the cha... Read More »

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Table Lamp Repair?

Table lamps will every so often get knocked down or stop working for no apparent reason. Obviously, the reason exists and it does not take much effort to identify the root of the problem. The probl... Read More »

How Tall Should a Table Lamp Be?

Three-dimensional graphic design is the use of 3D objects in interactive media for entertainment and educational purposes. In order to create a 3D image, individuals use computer algorithms and gra... Read More »

How to Value an Antique Table Lamp?

An antique table lamp could be a significant piece--if it falls within a set of criteria for monetary and historical value as established by antique experts and dealers. When you find an interestin... Read More »

What is the proper size for a table lamp?

The correct size for a table lamp depends on the size of the room, the room's furniture and the table itself. In general, a side table lamp should be no more than 3 feet high. A lamp for a larger t... Read More »