How do I add a hit counter on blogspot?

Answer Choose Web CounterSelect a web counter service from one of the many on the Internet. Once you choose your service, sign up for an account that will meet your blogging needs.Add HTML CodeCopy the HT... Read More »

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How to Hide My IP in Blogspot?

Sometimes, uses would like to hide their IP address when surfing in BlogSpot (also known as Blogger), Facebook or other social networking and blogging sites. Users’ information may be tracked usi... Read More »

How to Access BlogSpot?

BlogSpot -- also known as Blogger -- is a free Google service that enables anyone to create a blog without paying for domain registration or Web hosting. If you have a Google account, you can sign ... Read More »

How to Pull Out of Blogspot?

Blogspot, also known as Blogger, is one of the most well known free blogging websites on the Internet, along with several others such as Livejournal, Wordpress, Tumblr and Xanga. The publishing too... Read More »

How to Add Pictures in Blogspot?

Blogging software, like that on, makes it easy to have your own website and share your business, thoughts and ideas with the world. It even makes it easy to add images. Whether you're ... Read More »