How do I add a heart or symbol to Facebook posts?

Answer You use " & hearts ; "Remove the spaces and quotation marks.

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How do you make a heart symbol on facebook?

♥ you have to put & hearts ; (that's a simi colon) but dont space between them i just put a space because if i didn't it would have made the heart like the one on there

Can Facebook Friends see my comments and if I like other posts on Facebook?

the only way to prevent it is to add people to your restricted list

Heart symbol...?

you push Alt and push 3 on the number pad on the far right of ur keyboard at the same time.see? ♥

How to make the heart symbol?

Yuh have to use a keyboard tht has the number key pad on the right , if yuh do yuh hold down ALT tap the number 3 on the keypad , take yuhr finger of ALT an it will be there :b