How do I add a creditor in bankruptcy?

Answer Visit your local bankruptcy court immediately if you realize you forgot to list a creditor in your case. If you hired an attorney to represent your financial interests, call him and advise him of y... Read More »

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How to Combat a Creditor When Filing for Bankruptcy?

Title 11 of the U.S. Code allows individual debtors to file for bankruptcy at any time. Debtors who do not have much to lose can file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. In a chapter 7 case the bankruptcy co... Read More »

How does a creditor get reimbursed during bankruptcy?

To get reimbursed during a chapter 13 bankruptcy a creditor needs to file a proof of claim to establish that they have an interest. Claims are paid to creditors with priority claims first. Certain... Read More »

Can a creditor freeze my bank account after bankruptcy?

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, once a debtor receives a discharge, creditors are not allowed to initiate or continue legal action in regards to collecting the discharged debt. However, there certa... Read More »

Can a Creditor Object to Discharge in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy After the Deadline?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as a total bankruptcy, since it allows for full discharge of debts. However, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy also gives the bankruptcy court greater power to sell debtor poss... Read More »