How do I add a checkmark to a cell in Word?

Answer Click on the cell so that your cursor is blinking within the cell where you want the checkmark placed. Click the "Insert" tab. In the "Symbols" module, on the far right, click "Symbol." On the drop... Read More »

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How to Tab Inside a Cell in Microsoft Word?

You can use tables in a document to organize and display information in an easy-to-understand way. Microsoft Word includes a table menu that lets you specify the number of columns and rows in the ... Read More »

How do I remove the color in a table cell in Word?

Run the Word program and open the document containing the table with the cell color you want to adjust. Triple-click within the cell to select it.Choose the "Format" menu and "Borders and Shading" ... Read More »

How can i convert a cell numeric value without word "dollar" in a text value in MS Excel ?

Everything you need may be found on Microsoft's Knowledge Base web site: .

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