How do I add a background to my web page?

Answer Define the background attribute of the body tag with a cascading style sheet. The body tag has two optional attributes that control the background. The first is the "background-image" attribute, wh... Read More »

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In Microsoft Excel, in page break view, can i turn off the page number displayed on the background?

How about just using print preview instead of page break preview

What background would look good on this page?

flames looks good :Pedit:YOUR A TC?!?!?!? dude i lost my badge for the C&A section. lucky duck!

How to Add Background Audio to My Web Page?

As HTML code becomes more advanced with newer versions and web browsers evolve, web pages are capable of providing more media and information. The ability to add background audio to a web page has ... Read More »

How to Change a Web Page Background with HTML?

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