How do I add a GIF picture to an email signature?

Answer Find a GIF (graphics interchange format) image that you want to use in your email signature---for example, you may want to include your company logo. Ensure that you purchase or have permission to ... Read More »

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How to Add a Picture to an Email Signature?

To add a photo or picture to an email signature you'll need to create a basic HTML signature file. Before you begin, make sure your email program supports HTML signature files. Most email programs ... Read More »

How to Scan a Signature Via Email?

Scanning a signature via email can expedite the process of delivering important documents to the recipient. In the past, signatures had to be done via fax or mail. These options usually took more t... Read More »

How to Edit an Email Signature?

You've got an email signature on your outgoing messages and you want to edit it. You can change and customize your email signature in just a few minutes. All email programs, even web-based email sy... Read More »

How to Add an Email Signature in Entourage?

Signatures are a smart way to close an email. They save you time through not having to type out your contact information in every email you send, and they look professional. You can also use them f... Read More »