How do I add OxiClean to detergent?

Answer Place all clothes to be washed in the washing machine. Add the required amount of detergent to the machine. If using a top-loading washing machine, place the detergent directly in the washing machi... Read More »

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I thought I bought HE detergent or my washing machine a used discovered it was regular detergent/suds in sump?

run the machine with nothing in it to clear it out, give the detergent to someone that has a regular washer, go get the proper detergent

What is the difference between laundry detergent and synthetic detergent?

That's a question of semantics. With very few exceptions, all laundry detergent is "synthetic". Detergent is generally made up of a few kinds of ingredients: an oil basedsurfactant (cleaner), speci... Read More »

Is Oxiclean available in Australia?

Oxiclean is not available in Australia, but you can purchase the products online from any third party merchants that ship exclusively to Australia. You can only find Oxiclean products at Walmart, C... Read More »

Is there ammonia in Oxiclean?

Oxiclean is an oxygen-based stain remover that does not contain ammonia. Although bleach is often used in stain-removing products, ammonia is not (and can be fatal if mixed with bleach). Oxiclean's... Read More »