How do I add 6 percent sales tax?

Answer Calculate TaxMultiply the purchase price of your item by 0.06 using your calculator. This is the amount of the tax. For example, if the item is priced at $5.99, multiply 5.99 by 0.06 to get 0.35. R... Read More »

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What percent is Indiana sales tax?

According to the Indiana Department of Revenue, Indiana imposes a 7 percent sales tax rate on merchandise purchased within the state. Food items and prescription drugs are exempt from the 7 percent... Read More »

What percent is Wisconsin sales tax?

In Wisconsin, the sales tax rate is 5 percent. Sales tax will generally be higher as counties can add an additional tax on top of the state sales tax rate.References:Wisconsin Department of Revenue... Read More »

What percent is the Indiana sales tax?

As of February 2010, Indiana imposes a state sales tax of 7 percent, according to the Federation of Tax Administrators. Food and prescription drug purchases are exempt from sales tax in Indiana.Sou... Read More »

How to Find a Sales Trend Percent?

In business, measuring sales trends is an important part of planning for the future. For each product, you need to estimate the future demand for the product, whether that demand will increase or d... Read More »