How do I add 2gb memory to my emachine?

Answer a metal cover?you mean a heatsink?…EDITyou just take the ram out the same as you would the other ram.

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How to Add Memory to the eMachine T3882?

As the memory capacity of your eMachines T3882 desktop computer is reached, the system will slow as it begins a process of swapping data with the hard drive. Not having enough memory to complete mu... Read More »

How to Add Memory to an eMachine T5088?

When the memory limits of your eMachine T5088 are reached, the system begins a data-swapping process with the hard drive that slows the performance of your computer greatly. To prevent or repair su... Read More »

How much memory can be added to an eMachine desktop?

The amount of memory you can add to an eMachine desktop varies on the model number. With the EL1600-01, the eMachine comes with 1024 MB DDR2 and has one slot for DDR2 memory. The ET1331-02 model ha... Read More »

How to Upgrade the Memory in an Emachine T3418?

If you are running multiple programs and find that your system has begun running at much slower speed, it is likely you have reached the limits of its memory capacity. When memory, or RAM, becomes ... Read More »