How do I actually use google ?

Answer Type keyword(s) into the box, and press the "Google Search" button. Google will then search every page it has knowledge of for the key word, and after a brief period, produce page after page of sit... Read More »

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Do you actually go to the second page when searching on google?

Yeahhespecially when I dont find the web Im looking for.

Does google Adsense actually send the money it owes you?

You will not have met the Payment Threshold which will be at least $100.

How many of you have actually used the 'im feeling lucky' button on google?

i did once, because there are a few funny easter eggs behind that button =)

If you look up "child pornography" on Google will it actually show up I do NOT want to look at it I ask?

Probably not, Google is pretty good about no letting that kind of thing show up. Still it's not impossible, so it's better not to tempt fate and try it.Also, the term "deep web" refers, by definiti... Read More »