How do I activate a compost pile?

Answer Spread a 6-inch layer of dry, brown, carbon-dense organic waste across well-draining soil in a 3-foot-by-3-foot area. Add a 1-inch layer of organic compost activator--such as plain topsoil, finishe... Read More »

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Can you put Vegemite in the compost pile?

You could ... but it's very salty. You would not really want that salt concentration in the compost if you intended to use it on the garden. It would not matter if the compost pile was large.

How do you start a compost pile?

Pick a spot in the yard that is out of the way. Start piling up grass clippings, leaves, old hay, manure, pulled weeds. Turn the pile over with a garden fork every 3 weeks. You will have nice co... Read More »

How do I begin a compost pile?

Almost any organic material is suitable for a compost pile. The pile needs a proper ratio of carbon-rich materials, or "browns," and nitrogen-rich materials, or "greens." Among the brown materials ... Read More »

Can oranges go in a compost pile?

Yes, any kinds of fruits, vegetable and plants can be composted!