How do I activate Vista SP1?

Answer Locate the Product KeyWindows Vista Service Pack 1 requires entry of a product key for activation. If your computer came pre-loaded with Windows Vista, the product key will likely be on a sticker a... Read More »

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How to Activate Vista Ultimate X86?

After installing Windows Vista Ultimate X86 on your system, you must activate the operating system in order to use all of the included features. Activation can be done from within the Vista Ultimat... Read More »

How to Activate Windows Vista 32 Bit?

Released in 2007, Windows Vista is the successor to Microsoft's popular Windows XP operating system. As with previous editions of Windows, Vista requires activation before the software will functio... Read More »

How to Activate Microsoft Vista?

After you install Windows Vista, you have 30 days to activate it. If the 30-day activation period expires before you complete the activation, Windows Vista does not work as expected. However, you r... Read More »

How do I activate OEM Vista on my new computer?

Online ActivationClick on the Start menu and then click on "Settings" and click the "Control Panel." In WIndows 7 you can skip the "Settings" and just go straight to choosing "Control Panel." In th... Read More »