How do I activate SSL on Apache?

Answer Using mod_ssl: Apache 2.0/2.2The mod_ssl module, which provides SSL support, is already integrated into Apache 2. In order for SSL to be enabled, the following lines must be included in your httpd.... Read More »

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How to Restart Apache PHP.INI?

The Apache server PHP.INI file loads each time you start the server's process. To restart the PHP.INI file, you must restart the Apache server, which is accomplished in the Windows command line uti... Read More »

How to Set up Php on Apache 2.2.3 on CentOS 5.3?

This article is aimed at people who have CentOS 5.3 and Apache 2.2.3, it MAY also work on RHEL, but I cannot test this because you have to pay for RHEL.

How to Install Apache?

Apache web server has turned into one of the most popular web server applications used for hosting advanced and dynamic websites not because of simplicity, but because of its security, speed and co... Read More »

How to Make Apache Moccasins?

Moccasins were, and still are, an important part of Native American culture. Tribes could be identified simply by the design of their shoes, as each group would decorate them differently using bead... Read More »