How do I access the recent searches in Dogpile?

Answer Access the Dogpile Recent Search FeatureClick on the "Preferences" link which is found just below the "Go Fetch" button on Dogpile search pages. The Dogpile "Recent Search" feature may be turned on... Read More »

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How do I erase recent searches on Dogpile?

Clear Recent Search HistoryClick the "Clear All" link in the "Recent Search" menu, which is on the right-side panel of all Dogpile search results pages.Clear Your Dogpile Recent Search History by T... Read More »

How do I clear recent searches in Dogpile?

Find the "Recent Searches" list, which appears along with your search results after performing a Web search. The "Recent Searches" list is displayed on the right side of your screen underneath the ... Read More »

Can you cancel recent searches on Dogpile?

The only two things that you can do to stop a recent Dogpile search is to stop it as it is loading by clicking on the red "X" stop button on the top row of buttons in your web browser, or delete yo... Read More »

How do I delete recent searches listed on Dogpile?

Delete History From the Dogpile ToolbarOpen your browser. Look for the Dogpile icon on the toolbar. Click the small arrow next to the icon. Select "Clear History" in the menu that appears.Delete Do... Read More »