How do I access my email from another computer?

Answer Just about everybody who uses a computer will, at one point or another, be away from their personal home computer or laptop. Considering the advances of modern technology specifically in smartphone... Read More »

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How do I access Outlook Express email from another computer?

Checking Your EmailOpen your Internet browser. Visit "mail2web" (see "References"). Click "Intellilogin" if it is not already selected. Input your Outlook Express email and password into their resp... Read More »

How do you get remote access to your computer from another computer out of the area?

If you're using MS Windows XP Pro in the computer at home and away... you're in luck. (there are other programs that gives you more control than XP Pro)Right click on My Computer, select propertie... Read More »

I want to access my computer from another computer, how do i do that as i have to input user name & password?

I'll assume you are talking about Windows. Here's the walk through for XP. Right click on your "My Computer" icon. Click on properties.Click on the remote tab. Select the second box down, make ... Read More »

How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer?

Knowing how to access another computer from your computer (known as remote accessing) is particularly useful when you use different computers at work and home and need to access files or perform ta... Read More »