How do I access court information?

Answer Transparency is a crucial element to the judicial system in the United States. The courts operate on the premise that the public has a right to know the workings of the courts. Whether you're resea... Read More »

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Public Access Court Information?

Many court proceedings are accessible to the public, as are most of the documents maintained by a judge and the court clerk. This can be said for criminal court cases, traffic and small claims cour... Read More »

How do i access court records?

Visit Courthouses or Go OnlineMany court records can be obtained by visiting the courthouse and requesting files through the court clerk. Most courts have computer terminals that allow you to look ... Read More »

How do i access florida court records?

Search OnlineDetermine which of Florida's 67 counties the court record is documented in. Once this is established, visit the corresponding county's website. Many records are available online for fr... Read More »

How do i access public court records?

Go to the county or district clerk where the legal action took place for county and state public records. All court records are maintained in the clerk's office for viewing. You may typically searc... Read More »