How do I access a printer on my home network using my work laptop?

Answer Using a printer on a home network allows several computers to use one printer to print documents. There are two ways to set up a network. You can set up a wireless network that is connected by wire... Read More »

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How to Access a Printer on a Network in Microsoft Vista Home?

Network printers give multiple users access to non-wireless printers without forcing each computer to physically connect to the printer. Instead, the printer connects to a wireless modem or router ... Read More »

Is there a way to check the printer access control permissions (ACL's) on a Windows XP Home edition printer?

There are several web pages with quite a bit of information on this topic. A quick Google search using the following keywords will make those web pages available to you: printer access control p... Read More »

How do I access a home network from the Internet?

Sign up for a service that allows you to connect to your PC from anywhere, such as Go To My PC and Log Me On. After signing up, download a program on your home computer that will become part of yo... Read More »

How do I access a home network with a work computer?

Set your work computer up to access your network. If you have a wireless router and a work computer that you bring home, you can connect the computer’s network card to the router with a network c... Read More »