How do I access a WiFi network with an iPod?

Answer Select the "Settings" icon near the bottom of the screen. (It may be located elsewhere if your iPod is jailbroken.)Press the WiFi button at the top of the screen and any available networks will be ... Read More »

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How to Connect an iPod to a Linksys WiFi Network?

As of 2010, the iPod Touch is the only iPod model that allows you to connect to the Internet through the Wi-Fi feature in the device's settings. Once enabled, any Wi-Fi network that is available wi... Read More »

How to Create a WiFi Network for iPod Touch?

Create a Wi-Fi network connection in the Settings menu of your iPod touch. The touch can connect to any open wireless network, or to closed networks if you have the password. When you're within sig... Read More »

Can I access the 3G network from my iPod Touch?

The iPod Touch does not come with the capability to connect to 3G. This service is available, however, on the iPhone, which can access a 3G network to make phone calls and send text messages.Refere... Read More »

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