How do I access BIOS in windows Vista to configure Boot from CD?

Answer You have to enter the BIOS before your Operating System is loaded. usually this happens when you first start-up the computer. Normally you are asked to press DELETE or F2 to open setup. It will nor... Read More »

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How do I configure BIOS to boot from CD?

Restart ComputerClose all open programs. Restart your computer.Enter BIOSPress the key displayed on the first screen of the boot process to enter your BIOS. The key varies based upon your computer ... Read More »

How to Access Vista Startup BIOS?

The computer BIOS is a memory chip on your computer that stores system information such as the computer's boot order, hardware setup, clock and other system configurations. Sometimes you may need t... Read More »

How to Access the Bios, Grub Boot Menu and Bash Shell of a Data Domain Appliance?

The BIOS and Grub boot menu of Data Domain Appliances are protected by passwords. Even though the Data Domain Appliance runs Linux, you can't usually access a real shell. You are limited to Data Do... Read More »

How to Update BIOS When Windows Won't Boot?

Updating your computer's BIOS is usually a relatively easy task. However, using normal BIOS upgrade programs may be impossible to run if your Windows operating system will not boot up. You can get ... Read More »