How do I accept an offer after an auction has started on eBay?

Answer Accepting an offer on eBayCancel your eBay auction so that bids will not be placed. This can only be done if no buyers have already placed a bid. If someone has already bid, it is against eBay's te... Read More »

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How do I accept an eBay bid before the auction ends?

Find Your Item NumberLocate your item number either in "my eBay," in your seller confirmation email or in the item listing itself.Cancel The AuctionSelect "My eBay" in the top right corner of your ... Read More »

How do I cancel an auction on eBay?

Sign into your account and then click the "Help" button at the top right of the screen. Type, "end my listing" into the help search box. Clicking the first item in the search results entitled, "How... Read More »

What is a Dutch auction on eBay?

A Dutch auction was an option for sellers on eBay attempting to sell multiple items. Citing lack of use, eBay stopped offering Dutch auctions in May 2009, according to Read More »

How do i see the leading bid on an ebay auction?

Search for the item you are looking for by typing your search terms into eBay's navigation area. Select the auction listing to view its description page. On the page, you will see the words "curren... Read More »