How do I accelerate payments on a 30-year fixed mortgage?

Answer Results of Extra PaymentsNote that one extra payment made per year, every year on a 30-year fixed mortgage reduces the term of the debt by seven years. If two extra payments are made per year, the ... Read More »

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Should You Take a 20-Year Fixed Mortgage or a 30-Year Fixed Mortgage?

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Should I Get a 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage or a 20-Year?

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What is the formula used to determine monthly payments for a 30-year mortgage?

The formula for determining monthly payments on a 30-year mortgage is M*A/(1-(1+M)^-360) where M is the monthly interest rate expressed as a decimal, A equals the amount you borrowed. "360" is used... Read More »

What Difference Does a Tenth of a Point Make for a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage?

One-tenth of a percentage point can mean the difference between thousands of dollars over a 30-year fixed mortgage. Using the U.S. Census Bureau's median home price of $216,700, you can save close ... Read More »