How do I abbreviate the word etcetera?

Answer The most common abbreviation for etcetera is "etc.," according to the "Guide to Grammar and Writing" by the Capital Community College Foundation. The term etcetera is a Latin phrase meaning "and th... Read More »

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How do you abbreviate the word initials?

The elimination period defines how quickly benefits begin after becoming disabled.

How do you abbreviate the word Pharmacy?

Answer You could use Rx as an abbreviation

How do you abbreviate the word executives?

I'm not sure, but I called social security a few days ago to tell them I would be moving to Washington state and they said to visit the social security office because there was a possibility I coul... Read More »

How do you define etcetera?

Commonly mistaken for the word "et cetera," meaning others of the same kind and so forth, "etcetera" is actually a noun, defined by "Merriam-Webster" as "a number of unspecified additional persons ... Read More »