How do I abbreviate minutes?

Answer The standard abbreviation for minutes is min., explains the EnglishPlus website. Typically, the abbreviation is for only informal writing, calendars, charts and mathematical or scientific uses, and... Read More »

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Why is it that the snooze alarm is 9 minutes Why not just 10 minutes or something?

I thought everyone knew the answer to this!!!When you were kids, didn't you all take apart clocks?They put a kinda gear ring thing (never formally studied clocks) that has 9 teeth and it's a really... Read More »

How do I abbreviate a million?

According to All-Acronyms, you can abbreviate million as M, Mio, MM, mi, mil and mill. Other million-unit abbreviations include MB or Mbits for million bits, MV for million volts, Mt for million to... Read More »

How do I abbreviate directions?

Abbreviations for map directions includ N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west, NE for northeast, NW for northwest, SE for southeast and SW for southwest, according to National Geographic... Read More »

How to Abbreviate Microphone?

The proper abbreviation of microphone is subject to some debate. Since the early days of radio, according to an article in the New York Times, microphone has been abbreviated as "mike." But in rece... Read More »