How do I abbreviate attorney at law?

Answer Attorney at Law is abbreviated with the letter AAL. Abbreviations indicates that there are numerous other abbreviations with the same letters, some of which could be misinterpreted, such as Americ... Read More »

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Real Estate Attorney Vs. a Trial Attorney?

Real estate attorneys and trial attorneys are subject to roughly the same certification process across the United States, including graduation from law school and passage of a state bar exam. Howev... Read More »

Can an attorney representing himself get an award of attorney's fees?

You cannot receive attorney's fees if you represent yourself--not even if you win your case--according to Michigan's Supreme Court. Because you do not charge yourself for services, requesting fees ... Read More »

How to Abbreviate Microphone?

The proper abbreviation of microphone is subject to some debate. Since the early days of radio, according to an article in the New York Times, microphone has been abbreviated as "mike." But in rece... Read More »

How do I abbreviate a million?

According to All-Acronyms, you can abbreviate million as M, Mio, MM, mi, mil and mill. Other million-unit abbreviations include MB or Mbits for million bits, MV for million volts, Mt for million to... Read More »