How do I Wipe my computer / Having a couple of questions about it too..?

Answer Try Darik's Boot and Nuke, it'll do the job for you:Download link:…Before using it, watch this tutorial video first if you don't know how to use it:http:/... Read More »

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Couple of questions about Accutane.?

Accutane is a risky drug. Some people had good results, while other people had bad side effects. There is no way of telling how each person is going to respond to Accutane. Your doctor can't even t... Read More »

I'm getting braces - I have a couple questions?

1) It takes roughly 60-90 minutes to get them on and wired up. 2) The brace brackets and glue process doesn't hurt at all. There is no drilling or needles involved, just a little scrubby polish, a ... Read More »

Getting braces off, couple of questions PLEASE!!?

1) mine weren't at all swolen and they were not any different than before i got my braces off 2) you will probably be getting the invisiline ones , i got those and so did everyone I know 3) Nah :) ... Read More »

A couple of questions for those that own the the Archos 5 or 7?

1. Yes there is a HOLD function so you won't accidently touch something.2.I don't own one and I would tell you to go to the archos website but I can't give you a personal statement... sorry..3.From... Read More »