How do I Wipe my computer / Having a couple of questions about it too..?

Answer Try Darik's Boot and Nuke, it'll do the job for you:Download link:…Before using it, watch this tutorial video first if you don't know how to use it:http:/... Read More »

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Couple of questions about Accutane.?

Accutane is a risky drug. Some people had good results, while other people had bad side effects. There is no way of telling how each person is going to respond to Accutane. Your doctor can't even t... Read More »

A couple of questions about eating out with baby?

I clean up the obvious, I basically tidy it, just to be polite. I don't see it as my job to 'clean' it simply because I have not chosen to wait tables in a restaraunt that welcomes family and child... Read More »

I was watching Intervention the other day, and now I have a couple of questions about anorexia...?

1. general rule of thumb, you will lose a pound for every 3500 more calories that your body burns then you consume. So to lose, 20 pounds if you are burning 1500 calories per day and consuming 500 ... Read More »

I've had Indian food for the first time tonight and have a couple questions about the chicken dish I had?

they cook it like we do .. fry bake steam etc.. the pink maybe be a tomaoto paste base called masala if it has spinach then yes it will be green