How do I Use a Nikon D 60 With One Stop Motion?

Answer The Nikon D60 offers a stop-motion recording mode, allowing the photographer to create short films using multiple exposures. The result is a flip-book style movie, created using the still shots rec... Read More »

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How do you make a stop motion video with a Nikon D80?

Now let's do some math... 4gb = 4x1024mb = 4096mb 4gb / 50mb = 4096mb / 50mb = 81.92 This means the 4gb card will hold 'bout 81 pictures. If you ever need to know while on the go, you can round... Read More »

How can you do stop motion on the nikon coolpix s210?

How to create motion blur on Nikon D5100?

You'll definitely need a tripod and for exposures longer than 30 seconds a remote release like the Nikon ML-L3. For exposures of 30 seconds or less you can use the camera's self-timer.You also nee... Read More »

How do i use slow motion on nikon coolpix aw100?

p54 in the reference section, see link (p54 with the binocular logo). It's only 60fps so it's really only half speed on playback.