How do I Unlock a Samsung Insight When the Code is Forgotten?

Answer The use of a password security code is great until someone changes it or you forget it. If this happens, you cannot access the device or do anything on it other than make emergency phone calls to 9... Read More »

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How to Unlock an MMC Card When You've Forgotten the Lock Code?

Cell phones require the use of special memory cards to properly function. These cards, typically called SIM or MMC cards, are what connects a cell phone to its wireless network. Unlocking a MMC car... Read More »

How to Unlock a T-Mobile Samsung T339 With a Code?

The T-Mobile Samsung T339 is a cellular flip-phone that comes with a host of features, such as Wi-Fi access and a camera. With these high-tech features it only makes sense that there are security m... Read More »

How do you unlock samsung infuse 4g if you don't know the pattern or code?

If you don't know the pattern or code you must do a hard reset. This will erase all of your data. Take battery and sim card out. Put battery only back in. Press and hold both volume keys, then simu... Read More »

Please help!!! i've just bought a new samsung ht-q20 dvd player and can't find the region unlock code for it!?

Try this1. Remove disc from tray. 2. Switch off player 3. Wait 30 seconds. 4. Turn on player with remote. Wait for player to finish loading and display 'no disc'. 5. Press enter on remote. (There w... Read More »